Cadáver Exquisito

Cadáver Exquisito
collective performance, different places, digital and physical, 2020-2022.

Cadáver Exquisito uses the surrealist method and adapts it to performance.
It is an open and collaborative method in which the participants perform at a distance from one another to synchronize and link their actions. This project aims to create a network of artists who seek to activate the urban space through their bodies.
Cadáver Exquisito is project/experiment co-created together with the artist Elia Torrecilla,
and involved 24 artists from Spain, Mexico, Italy and Brazil.

Participating artists: Silvia Antolín, Joaquín Artime, Gala Atehortúa, Meritxell Ballester, María José Carrilero-Sosa, Axel Agustín Castro Bretón, Bibiana de la Soledad, Eva Evitzkaya, Cristina Ferré, Primo Gabbiano+Visual Pal,  Omar Jerez, Van Jesus, Iranyela López, Aritz Martín, Almudena Millán, David Nava Salvaj3, NEA, Lucía Peiró, Pepe Romero, Màrius SV, Elia Torrecilla, Hugo Alberto Trujillo Cornejo, David Vila Moscardó.

The project started on 27 September 2020 and will end on 16 July 2022,
and consists of 3 phases:

1. in digital presence: 12 episodes composed of chained performances.
Watch the videos! 

Cadáver Exquisito by NEA
2. in physical presence: meeting in the Fantastik Lab space (Valencia, Spain) noisy opening, noisy procession and opening of 19 letters containing performances.

Cadáver Exquisito by NEA

3. in physical presence: participation in the PAN Festival in Morille (Salamanca, Espana) and performative funeral of the 19 letters containing performances in the Cementeri de Arte in Morille.



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