Vendesi-Affittasi-Sogni (For Sale – For Rent – Dreams)
Performance, Tortoreto Lido, Italy, November 21, 2020.

Material: paper and red marker pen.

Vendesi-Affittasi-Sogni is a performance that aims to make people reflect on the volatility of desires and expectations that are involved in new projects.
How much are our dreams influenced by society, and how much does the debt system affect our freedom?What is the impact of, and the relationship between, the commitment made in the realisation of the project and the circumstances in which it develops?

The sheet was affixed for 4 days, then disappeared.

This project was realized as part of Cadáver Exquisito #4, a performance project in the public space.

Cadáver Exquisito uses the surrealist method and adapts it to performance. This project, based on the experimentation of performance art, has been devised by Elia Torrecilla and NEA with the aim of creating a network of artists who seek to activate the urban space through their bodies. It is an open and collaborative proposal in which, based on some basic rules of “play”, we explore the potential of performance in which we “players” connect at a distance to synchronize and chain our actions.

Check out Cadáver Exquisito on Youtube.


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