Installation, Italy, April 5, 2021.

Material: fabric, 10 meters long.

Passion is an installation that connects three of the basic elements of life: earth, water and air.
Passion is understood as life in its essence. The ten-meter long red fabric ideally connects the earth and the sky through the sea, creating a line of existence that, starting from the sand, ends straight in the horizon.
Uniting the three elements is the artist who physically supports the fabric at one of its two edges.

This project was realized as part of Cadáver Exquisito #9, a performance project in the public space.

Cadáver Exquisito uses the surrealist method and adapts it to performance. This project, based on the experimentation of performance art, has been devised by Elia Torrecilla and NEA with the aim of creating a network of artists who seek to activate the urban space through their bodies. It is an open and collaborative proposal in which, based on some basic rules of “play”, we explore the potential of performance in which we “players” connect at a distance to synchronize and chain our actions.

Check out Cadáver Exquisito on Youtube.


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